new application deadline is March 1, 2015

A cappella Zoo expects a variety of perspectives to influence the directions we grow and the work we select for publication. We're looking for new long-distance readers to join the editorial board for the winter submission period for the production of a queer anthology.

DESCRIPTION: Each Reader will review 5-15 submissions per week during the months of March-April-May. Submissions are accessed and reviewed online via Submittable. Once joining the editorial board, Readers are not permitted to submit work for consideration. 

COMPENSATION: All board members are volunteers. Readers are listed on the masthead & receive a free print issue.

QUALIFICATIONS: All applicants should A) have experience with writing workshops, editorial boards, or contemporary lit criticism;  B) be familiar with a few literary or genre magazines and anthologies; C) read from a recent issue of A cappella Zoo;  D) become familiar with slipstream, magic realism, absurdism, fabulism, the uncanny, and other related terms.
If you'd like to learn more about the genres we work with, we recommend Feeling Very Strange: The Slipstream Anthology. Also, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (F&SF) often publishes high-quality slipstream.

HOW TO APPLY: Email a very brief (~500 w) letter to the editor (editorATacappellazooDOTcom) including the following:

the title of a short story or poem you read years ago and why it has remained memorable to you,

a sense of what A cappella Zoo publishes or your perspective on what MR/slipstream/etc  are all about,

a strength and a weakness of one of your favorite works published in A cappella Zoo,

a strength and a weakness of one of your least favorite works published in A cappella Zoo,

what you'd bring to this submission period, including which genre(s) (poetry/fiction) you can critique.