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Our Fall 2015 issue will be a queer-themed collection of old and new stories and poems. We invite new submissions for this anthology from February 14th to April 30th, or until the anthology is filled. Submissions should fit A cappella Zoo's general aesthetic, as well as feature an LGBT character and a focus of some kind on homosexual or trans experience, perspective, or exploration. Be creative. Check out the brief list of examples below (all free to read online).

All submissions must be received during the open reading period via our Submittable account:


A cappella Zoo's focus is magic realism; its broader scope encompasses slipstream and other modes of exploring contemporary life alongside the imagination. For more information on the sort of work we've made a home for in general, take a peek at our issues and read more about us.

Peruse some of the queer-themed works we've published in the past:

The End of the Objects, by Jack Kaulfus (Issue 8)

Vishnu Coming Through, by Jeffrey David Greene (Issue 8)

Portals, by Tamara Walker (Issue 12)

What Follows Us, by Adam McOmber (Issue 7)

Dreaming of the Manananggal, by Victorya Chase (Issue 9)

Lilith's Extra Rib, a poem by Alana I. Capria (Issue 8)


All submissions must be received via Submittable. For all other correspondence, please email the editor at

Please note that our regular, un-themed submission periods will be on hiatus during 2015.