When the great patriarch Fu Xi saw symbols on the shell of the dragon-headed turtle as it rose from China's Luo River, he shared these, the eight trigrams, with his people and became the legendary inventor of writing.







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 A cappella Zoo (ISSN: 1945-7480) is an independent print & web magazine of magic realism & slipstream. We seek to connect emerging writers with readers of a similar sensibility, those who have a taste for the fantastic in the everyday. We look especially for surprising imagery, layered storytelling, well-explored ideas & perspectives, and a natural, contemporary sense of place & person. We publish works of various overlapping styles, including absurdist, uncanny, fabulist, cross-genre, experimental, bizarro, modern fairy tale, new weird, and surreal. For our purposes, the combined terms MAGIC REALISM & SLIPSTREAM illustrate the range of our stories along a spectrum between modern reality and the imagined
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M A S T H E A D 
Managing Editor:
COLIN MELDRUM established A cappella Zoo in 2008 as a venue for strange and inquisitive stories. He earned a BA in English and Creative Writing from Idaho State University, where he read on the editorial board of Black Rock & Sage and won the Agnus Just Reid award for writing. His work has appeared in Sideshow Fables and Collective Fallout (stories), Sugar House Review and Weave Magazine (poems), and elsewhere. He lives with his husband, currently in the English countryside, teaches English as an international language, and daydreams of being a zoologist.

Fiction Editor:

AMANDA LYN DISANTO holds an MA in literature and creative fiction and studied graphic  design at the Rhode Island School of Design. She enjoys reading almost anything, especially works that subvert contemporary myths. She writes art reviews for the Newport Mercury and thinks creative expression is as important as breathing. 
Poetry Editor:

LISA McCOOL-GRIME loves to write alone about Sappho and wallflower women and to write collaboratively about anything. She loves to read everything (including tea leaves).  Her wallflower women are or will be appearing in Splinter Generation, Phantom Kangaroo, Solo Novo, PANK, and elsewhere. Her collaborative work with Nancy Flynn can be read at Poemeleon. Tupelo press awarded one of her poems first place in their Fragments of Sappho contest.

Editorial Board:
MICHAEL BAGWELL lives and writes in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where he is studying English and Philosophy.  His recent work has appeared in Dark Sky Magazine, Collective Fallout, Short Fast and Deadly, and Breadcrumb Scabs, among others.  He also edits two university publications, Daedalus and Literati.

JONATHAN BRUNS has volunteered on the GSBA scholarship board in Seattle and is currently working as an international auditor in Europe.  In his spare time, he's a serious reader, passionate story critic, and obsessive antique book collector.  
CHARLENE LOGAN BURNETT joined the editorial board after appearing in Issue 5. Her other fiction and poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Literary Mama, RHINO, Weave Magazine, and other journals. She earned an MFA in playwriting from the University of California at Davis. She was a MacDowell Colony fellow in the fall of 2006. She used to be a senior writer/editor for a law school’s marketing department, but is now working part time for a rural veterinarian so she can spend most days doing her own writing.

ZACH BUSCHER teaches at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester, MA.  He recently received his MFA in Poetry from the University of Arizona, where he was a Beverly Rogers Fellow and Poetry Editor for Sonora Review.  His own writing has appeared in a variety of online forums, including 42opus, SHAMPOO, 580 Split, Otoliths, tinfoildresses, Wheelhouse Magazine, Sawbuck, Juked, and Spooky Boyfriend. His website.

ADAM R. CHARPENTIER graduated from Rhode Island College and currently works as a technical writer in Newport, RI. His favorite stories cuckold genre but honor its legacies.

ANDREW HENDERSON lives and writes in Birmingham, UK, though hails from the mythical land of Wales. He has a BA in English and Creative Writing and his work has appeared in Nexus (published by Cardiff Metropolitan University) and The C Word: an anthology of writing from Cardiff. He has an unhealthy obsession with horror, magic, and wolves. 

EMILY J. LAWRENCE is a bruised paper bag marked "Surprise" sitting in a dollar store. She broke into herself years ago and what she pulled out is what you read in her stories. These can be found in A cappella Zoo #6 (which prompted her to join the editorial board), Hawk and Handsaw, Relief: A Journal of Christian Expression, Glossolalia, and TRACHODON. Her secret identity is a box office attendant in a mideastern movie theater. She's also an assistant editor at Literary Laundry.

LAURA MILLER completed her master's thesis in fiction at the University of North Texas. She has (un)healthy obsessions with magical realism, vegan food (beans!), yoga poses, Lars von Trier, and angry-lady music. Her favorite word is one she stole from David Foster Wallace: horsetwaddle. With each short story she writes, she comes one step closer to untangling all the secrets of the universe. She will share them with you when she can.

HAYES MOORE joined the editorial board after appearing in Issue 5. His other fiction can be found or is forthcoming in Foliate Oak, Slush Pile, Crash, White Whale Review, and Withersin. He recently obtained a PhD from Columbia University and is currently teaching in Queens.

MICAH UNICE is an aspiring novelist who lives for literature, film, visual art, and any form of pathos, and he has won a handful of creative writing contests. One of his favorite books is Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones.
Emeritus Board Members and Editorial Contributors: