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Brief Overview of Magical Realism

If you’re a fan of literature and artwork, you might have come across the term magic realism. It is a different art and literary fiction form that has taken over the world of mystical and magical elements. It is one of the most loved genres in novels that portray the mystical world and supernatural phenomena in a mundane setting.

It is one of the essential genres of literacy that covers the different aspects and elements of myth and fantasy with the everyday real world. It is a form of critiquing real-world situations and ideas. Famous authors like Isabel Allende, Frida Kahlo, and Gabriel Marquez are closely associated with the work of magic realism.

Magic realism originated in the easy 90s in Latin America, and since then, it has spread to different parts of the world. However, this form of literary work closely connects with stories related to Latin American literature and other artistic fields, including theater, painting, and the film industry.

Some of the key features of magic realism include the following:

  • The incorporation and amalgam of supernatural elements or magic in a very original and realistic setting.
  • A thin line between the use of fantastical and real-world stories
  • The apt use of symbolism and metaphor to explore different ideas and discuss deeper themes
  • The focus is on incorporating magic elements and different ways of critiquing real-world solutions.

Characteristics of Magic realism

Since the genre of literature began in the early 90s, it has developed some essential characteristics which have helped to increase its popularity over the years.

Incorporation of magic and fantasy

One of the key characteristics is the amalgam of fantasy and the real world. For instance, characters in this genre suddenly develop wings, a city filled with talking animals, and so on. The presence of such characters helps build a dreamlike reality in an unrealistic world.

The subjective experience of characters

It is another important characteristic of magical realism. It mainly focuses on delivering different perspectives and interpretations rather than providing a clear, objective view of our world. Also, the fans of this genre of literature and art will develop a deep connection to the tradition and their rich cultural heritage. Most of them are also influenced by these fictional characters, which often portray some cultural influences.

magic and fantasy

Social and political commentary

The genre uses fantastical elements in its storyline, sometimes symbolizing political and real-world issues. For instance, a talking tree might help educate people about environmental problems and the character’s ability to symbolize and long for independence and freedom from suffering.


Magical realism, also called magic realism, is a form of a literary and artistic movement that depicts a magical experience in a real-world setting, entertaining or educating people on different aspects.

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