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Great Magical Realism Movies That Are Worth Your Time

Magical Realism Movies sprinkle fantasy into the depiction of ordinary everyday life. They provide us with the best of both worlds – reality and fantasy. One of the common denominators of any Magical realism movies is that they are set in the real world. In those seemingly ordinary settings, you might see uncommon incidents. Here are some of the greatest magical realism movies of all time:

Black Swan

Black Swan:

Black Swan is a psychological thriller released in 2010, directed by Darren Aronofsky. The film saw an exceptional performance from Natalie Portman in the lead role as a ballerina. The movie depicts the life of Nina (played by Natalie Portman) as an overworked ballerina who is hardworking and strives tremendously for artistic perfection. The movie strives to educate the audience about the hard work any artist has to undertake and how the mind can break down under immense performance pressure. The movie teaches us that we are our own worst enemies, plagued by self-doubt and imposter syndrome.

Midnight in Paris:

Midnight in Paris, written and directed by Woody Allen, is a fantasy comedy released in the year 2011. The movie is set in the city of love, Paris, the perfect location for a romantic movie. The movie is about an engaged couple who travels to Paris for business. Gil Pender (played by Owen Wilson) is a nostalgic writer who is not so happy with his present life. One day while walking through the streets of Paris, he is whisked into an era to meet all his idols from the past. The movie teaches the audience that the past may have been golden, but the present and future are not bad either. If anything, the movie teaches us to learn to enjoy the present moment rather than spending time reveling in the past or wondering about the future.

Edward Scissorhands:

Edward Scissorhands, released in 1990, is a romantic fantasy directed by Tim Burton. The main character Edward, an outcast, is played by Johnny Depp. Edward is not a pleasant sight with his unruly black shot hair and blades for fingers. However, Edward is a sweetheart of a boy, always kind and helping others. The movie attempts to teach the audience not to judge a book by its cover. The story takes a romantic twist when a kind saleswoman Peg takes Edward home, where he falls for Peg’s daughter (played by Winona Ryder).

Edward Scissorhands

Life of Pi:

Life of Pi is a classic of the magical realism movie genre. Released in 2012 and directed by Ang Lee, the movie is adapted from the book of the same name. The movie is about of boy who ends up alone in the middle of the ocean after a tragedy strikes his family on the way to Canada. Pi (played by Suraj Sharma) finds himself with a Bengal tiger in a lifeboat floating in the sea. As they continue their ordeal, eventually, the tiger and the boy learn to trust each other for survival. The movie also depicts the natural instincts of Pi to learn and search for a higher purpose and his journey towards faith.

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