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Tips To Follow To Write an Outstanding Magical Realism

Magical realism is a genre that can be incredibly rewarding to write, but it requires some specific tips. The key to writing great magical realism is understanding the genre’s fundamentals and crafting an exciting story that will engage your audience.

In this article, we’ll discuss the genre’s key aspects and give you some practical tips for bringing your stories to life. These tips will help you craft an exciting, authentic, and realistic story that will be a delight to read.

1. Magical Realist Stories Have a Light Touch

The key to writing a magical realist story is to be careful with introducing and using supernatural elements in your fiction. These supernatural elements should never feel overt or overwhelming. They must play a meaningful role in your story and contribute to the overall story arc while also being consistent with your characterization and narrative style.

2. Use Magical Elements to Boost Your Characterisation

The best way to bring a character to life is to make them feel three-dimensional and believable. This means giving them a rich background, unique quirks, flaws, and the facets of their personality that make them who they are.

Creating a strong characterization is also essential for enticing and keeping your readers engaged. This is because it’s your job to convince them that the characters in your story aren’t just figments of your imagination or just another plot device but rather actual, living people who can be influenced by the mysterious, supernatural events that occur in their lives.

Non-Linear Structure

3. The Story Needs a Non-Linear Structure

One of the main characteristics of magical realist fiction is that it does not move through time in the traditional sense. Instead, it may shift and twist like a Mobius strip. This reflects the worldview of magical realist writers, who do not believe in linear time or objective reality.

4. The Magical Realist World View Conveys an Unrealistic Perspective

In the magical realist worldview, there is no such thing as “reality” or “truth.” In this universe, time is not linear, and causality is subject to interpretation. This is not to say that the supernatural is real, but rather that it provides a different and more compassionate way to see the world.

5. The Magical Realist World View Can be a Tool for Socially Relevant Issues

A major strength of magical realism is that it can be used to address important social issues, such as the role of women in society or racism. In addition, this genre can help to create a new and visceral understanding of a current news story or event by offering a new point of view.

6. The Story Needs a Strong, Determinable Hero

Good characterization is also essential for a story to succeed in this genre. Your protagonist should be a complex, engaging, and fully-rounded character who can carry your story from beginning to end without compromising the integrity of the plot.

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